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  • What happens if we are late to pick up the Houseboat?

    Do not be late, but if for some reason you are............. 
    One can expect delays heading north out of Sydney on a Friday afternoon so we encourage hirers to try and give themselves an additional i hour for travel (try and get time off work). If you are expected to be late call the marina ASAP. You require a minimum 1/2 hour to load your Houseboat, 10 minutes for paperwork and 1/2 hour for instructions. Our staff are here till 4:30pm consequently late arrivals may expect to pay late arrival fees 

    These are your options: 

    1. You pay the late arrival fee to cover staff costs 
    2. You remain on the marina, at least one person in the group must have arrived by 4pm (noise restrictions apply as Brooklyn is a residential area) 
    3. Arrive the following day but booked rate still apply 
    4. If available the Houseboat can be placed on a mooring at Brooklyn Marina, at least one person in the group has to have arrived by 4pm (noise restrictions apply as Brooklyn is a residential area) 
    5. THE BEST OPTION - If someone arrives early enough to be shown through, fix up the paperwork and drives the Houseboat to one of the bays, the late arrivals can organise for a Water Taxi to take them to the Houseboat
  • How do I get there if I don't have a car ?

    Brooklyn has a railway station called Hawkesbury River railway station. Be sure your train stops here. The train trip from Gosford or Hornsby is about 20 minutes. Phone us at Brooklyn Marina and we will pick you up for a small fee per trip. Brooklyn Marina is NOT at the railway station. The marina there is called Hawkesbury River Marina.

  • What if I'm from Interstate or Overseas ?

    If travelling by road then use our easy to follow Detailed Directions Guide - the pictures will help you. If, however, you are coming from the airport then consider taking the shuttle bus to Central Station or Hornsby then the train to Hawkesbury River Railway Station. Phone us on arrival and we will pick you up.

  • Is there parking at the Marina ?

    There is free car parking is at the marina, however we ask that you limit it to 2 cars per houseboat.

  • Do I need a special boat license to drive a houseboat ?

    No, you do NOT need a special boat license to drive our boats. You do, though, need to be at least 18. The same rules apply as on the road - DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE !

  • Will you give me some instructions on how to drive the houseboat ?

    To settle your nerves we explain the navigation rules, brief you on the full operation of the boat. We give you a full lesson on the water, before you know it you'll be 'an old salt'. You are never on your own, as you can contact us if you are unsure of something whilst out on the river.

    YOU MUST read and understand the "HANDBOOK" which you can download from our website as a PDF file or have sent to you as a booklet. This Handbook explains everything about the boat and much more.

  • Is the boat insured ? What happens if I damage it ?

    The boats are fully insured provided the conditions of the Hire Contract are fulfilled - you are responsible for damages and loses of equipment up to the value of your deposit/bond. Willful or negligent damage is not covered. Our boats are expensive to replace - look after them !!

  • What do I need for the holiday ?

    Our houseboats are fully equipped with cutlery, crockery, glasses, pots , pans and other kitchen utensils. Additionally, we have dishwashing equipment, toilet paper (4 rolls supplied only), tea towels, gas lighters. You need to bring your favourite pillow, doonas, linen and towels (or hire all of these from us for $15 per person). Storage space is limited so pack wisely and we suggest soft bags as they are easily storable. Don't forget a hat, sunglasses and sun care lotion.

    It might be also wise to bring extra rolls of toilet paper - this should not be 3 ply paper as it will cause problems.

  • Are there any fish in the river ?

    Of course (check our gallery), but they can be slippery little suckers!  Bring along your favourite rod and reel. Bait, fishing rods and hand lines may be purchased in Brooklyn. You need to organise  a fishing licence  before your arrival (Ph: 1300369365)

  • Are there any restaurants on the Hawkesbury River ?

    YES. There are some of the best restaurants in Sydney, most of which can only be accessed by boat.

    1. Riverside Brooklyn Restaurant at Hawkesbury River Marina is now closed.
    2. Berowra Waters Inn Restaurant. Ph: 9456 1027
    3. Berowra Waters Tea House. Ph: 9456 1454
    4. Cottage Point Kiosk. Ph: 9456 3024
    5. Cottage Point Inn Restaurant. Ph: 9456 1011
    6. Peats Bite Restaurant at Sunny Corner (accessable only by boat). Ph: 9985 9040
  • Is there any music on board the boat ?

    All our houseboats have CD/radio players. Some even have loudspeakers outside. Be sure to bring along your favourite CDs.

    It would be best to bring an IPod or similar (with a charger that plugs into a USB socket) and then can be played over the Houseboats stereo - called an ITrip.

    Not all the cd/radios on the houseboats have the audio plugs for IPODS and MP3 players but you can bring along a wireless FM transmitter such as a digidock or ITrip.

    Or perhaps bring along loudspeaker units that can be charged from 12 volt USBcharging points and blue tooth this with  your Ipod, IPad or IPhone.

    Remember, there is no normal 240volt household power on the boats.

  • Is there a TV or DVD player on board the boat ?

    Our larger boats have DVD players. For the smaller vessels, portable DVD players may be hired. Please note that there is no TV reception on the river. Most people prefer to get away from it all and not even use this luxury.

  • Are there limits to where we can travel ?

    You can take the boat as far upstream as Spencer or as far down stream as Bobbin Head. Waterways Authority has set a limit to where you may travel seawards - this is an imaginary line between Juno Point and Challenger Head. A heavy fine by Waterways may be expected if you pass this imaginary line. You may NOT take the boat past this point to Pittwater, Patonga or out into Broken Bay.

    We have trackers on our Houseboats so we  know where you are to the meter. You can always text us whilst you are on the Houseboat if unsure of your location.

  • Can I buy things in Brooklyn ?

    There is a general store where you can buy groceries, dairy products and newspapers. A similar store is located at Hawkesbury River Marina (opposite the train station). The local hotel has a bottle shop. There are also stores accessible from the water at Dangar Island, Cottage Point and Spencer. Remember though, we do sell ice and bait and if you require extra provisions during your stay on the houseboat we can deliver these for a nominal cost.

    There is a new Coles store in Berowra, only 15 minutes away.

  • Is there a bank in Brooklyn ?

    NO, there is not a bank at Brooklyn, but there is an ATM at the local pub (Anglers Rest). We do accept EFTPOS and cash but personal cheques cannot be accepted immediately prior to your hire. And we do not have the facilities at  our Marina  for 'cash out'.

  • Can I swim in the Hawkesbury River ?

    Yes, of course. BUT  ONLY IN THE  BAYS WHERE THERE ARE MOORINGS - NEVER SWIM  IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIVER   AS  THE  TIDES ARE TOO STRONG!!! The Hawkesbury River is considered as one of the cleanest rivers in New South Wales. Tidal changes flush the Hawkesbury River twice per day. Consequently, the current can be very strong (weaker swimmers should be cautious and sober and if necessary use life jackets). The safer areas are at beaches or in bays. BUT, be careful.

    It is also  unwise to swim at sunset and sunrise (unwise for any salt water areas in Australia), as  this is  feeding time  for  sharks. There has  never  been a reported shark attack on the River but it is said that  many have gone missing.

  • Is the water on board OK to drink ? How much is there ?

    The water on board is normal city household tap water. There is normally sufficient water on board to last a week, economic use will of course extend this. You may fill up at Brooklyn Marina free of charge. However, you will be charged if you refill the water tanks elsewhere on the river.

  • How much fuel is there ?

    This depends on which houseboat you are on. However, you should have sufficient fuel for the week. Each boat has a gauge which indicates how many hours you have traveled. Motoring charges are based on the hours traveled, which covers fuel, gas, oil and engine maintenance. This, we feel is fairer to the hirer as you can see exactly how much you will be charged. Travelling time can be affected by tides and wind, so plan your journeys.

  • Is there power on board the boat ?

    Our boats are fitted with 12 volt DC power, which may be accessed by a normal USB plug socket.There is NO cigarette lighter plug on our houseboats. There is also no 240 volt power, you may NOT use appliances which run on 240 volt, such as a hair dryer, lap top charger etc. Our boats do however, have quite large solar panels which assist in maintaining a reliable supply of power. However, sparing use of power (do NOT have all lights going unnecessarily for example) will retain the power on board.

  • How do we keep food cold ?

    Our boats are fitted with gas operated fridges of adequate size. Each fridge has a small full width freezer compartment. Since gas fridges have trouble keeping  the cold in very hot conditions our boats have generously sized eskys for your drinks - which help give you more space in the fridge. Ice kept in these eskys can remain surprisingly long.


  • What do we do if there is an emergency ?

    Use your mobile to phone our base (a text message to our mobile phone will ALWAYS get through to us) or other emergency numbers supplied on board. All our boats are fitted with a Marina band radio. They are easy to use and emergency assistance is not far away.

    If all else fails contact a  boat or people who are closest to you.

    In extreme  situations  call 000 or 112 in  areas of no reception.

    All accidents and  incidents must be  reported to NSW Water Police (Ph: 99794044)

  • How well are we prepared for our holiday ?

    We send you a Handbook designed to prepare you for your houseboat. This Handbook can also be  downloaded as a PDF  file  from our website. It offers a map with a 3 day suggested itinerary, rules of the River and much more. You are required to  read and  comprehend this Handbook  before departing.

  • Are there taxis on the Hawkesbury River?

    Yes but understand rates commensurate with time of day/night and distance travelled. Bookings are essential. You can contact Hawkesbury Water Taxi (Neil) 0422 300100 

  • Can I organise a Seafood Platter or Provisioning or perhaps even have someone cook for us?

    You have 2 options:

    1. Contact Hawkesbury River Provisioning on 0411 443 944 and they will organise food supplies prior to hiring the Houseboat
    2. Contact Mark or Josh (0423932665). These guys will  either supply you with a meal of your choice or  even come out and  cook something for you, off their own boat.
  • What is our cancelation policy ?

    The deposit less $65 cancellation fee will only be returned if notified 6 weeks before the hire period, or after this period only if we are able to relet the vessel for the full period.

    Covid-19: If any Government restrictions interfere with your Booking your full deposit will be paid, less $10 administration costs.

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